Features Overview


What’s a Gif booth?

A GIF Booth is a photo station that takes photos and compiles them into a looping clip. This looping clip is then texted to you so you can save it and share it on your socials!

Does the gif booth NEED TO be connected to WIFI?

No! All we need is 3 ft of space. If there is WIFI access, your GIFs will be texted immediately. If there isn’t, they will all be texted out after the event has been completed.

DOES the gif booth need electricity?

No! The GIF Booth operates on a battery, so we don’t need to worry about plugging in!

Will people use the GIF Booth?

Absolutely! GIF Booth is so much fun and people of all ages will be able to use it!

Do i need backdrops and props?

No! Backdrops can be used, but pointing the camera into the dance floor also makes for great GIFs! Props are also not necessary, but they do make it more fun! Hudson Valley GIF Booth offers options for both backdrops and props!

CAN i print out my photos?

No, the GIFs get sent directly to your phone for easy saving and posting to social media.



Do you travel?

Yes, we are happy to travel. Up to 1 hour from Beacon, NY is included in the pricing.

Do you have insurance?